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Weekly Poll: Go Away!

Weekly Poll for 6-06-2006Online gaming certainly seems to have its fans, as the vote for last week's poll was nearly evenly split regarding the requirement of online features in the next generation of video games.  I feel that online capabilities are important to multiplayer games, but I don't see the need to shoehorn online features into games that don't really need them.  Sure, I'd buy a new level now and then, but I don't want to start down that road of buying only half a game and then having to pay for each individual level pack afterwards.  That's a slippery slope to slide down and not what I'm eager to do.   

In the past I've talked a lot about classic games I'd like to see revived.  This week let's look at that idea from the opposite direction: which long-running game series just needs to go away for a while?  Does Sonic the Hedgehog need a rest?  Are you ready for the final Final Fantasy?  What has Kirby done for us lately?  This is a rather open question, so feel free to vote for the "other" option and leave your comments below.