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The Shaming Of Ken Kutaragi

Weekly Poll: On The Move

Weekly Poll for 6-13-2006It would seem that Pokemon is due for a rest if you all are calling the shots.  I have to wonder if that's a charge leveled more at all of the marketing surrounding the games that have spawned the TV cartoons, plush toys, and other related merchandise.  As for me, I voted for Final Fantasy.  I know a crowd of you will probably rush to defend the series, but it really seems to have become a series of pretentious animations with a little menu-based fighting thrown in for good measure.  I just don't get the appeal of it.

As for this week, the time has come to consider portable gaming.  So many of us have talked about the great games available on the go, but I'm curious as to just how many of us actually take these games around day to day.  Do you take your DS to the office to sneak game breaks?  Is your PSP a fixture in your backpack?  Is your GBA a well-traveled device?  Vote in the poll and leave some comments.  Note that I'm more interested in hearing about dedicated game devices than I am mobile phones that play Tetris or gaming hacks for iPods.