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Tragic Trade-Ins

Homer Simpson Some folks can't trade-in their old games to GameStop fast enough, but one must always be careful not to toss away those old gaming treasures so quickly.  Sometimes while rapidly clearing out old Sony PlayStations people forget to remove beloved games from the console as this thread on the RLLMUK forum explores.

With my old 3000 series PS2 become too temperamental I thought I would finally upgrade and get a nice new slimline PS2, so after looking around I found play.com had to best offer. When it arrived it I put the [Grand Theft Auto] disc in which my 3000 series struggled with and got ready to finally give the game some decent play time. Only the machine would not power on, at all. Good old Sony build quality I think you'll agree, so I arranged for it to be collected and packaged it up all up nice and neat. The replacement machine arrived today so I went to dig out GTA:SA again and on opening the game box I found it empty. So the game I bought the machine for I now can't play because the disk was left in the previous faulty machine when I sent it back. Gah!

There's some other amusing stories (amusing in a "we feel your pain" kind of way, of course) about a fellow who tried to sell an old Sega Master System and instead wound up PlayStationless, an impatient customer who ended up accidentally giving away a game for free, and the horrors of selling old games on eBay without wiping out the battery first (or, as one forum poster says, "On the flip side of this situation you can find some disturbing stuff left behind by previous owners on second hand copies of Mario Paint.").  I knew there was a reason I never trade away anything.