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The Shaming Of Ken Kutaragi

Ken KutaragiIt's the law of the jungle that publications must create lists, and today's list comes to us from Business 2.0.  The magazine has crafted a list of fifty people who "matter" in the world of technology business as well as ten people who do not.  Landing square on the "does not matter" list is Sony's own Ken Kutaragi.  Sony's made some missteps lately, but to count him (and by extension the PlayStation 3, which this piece seems to do) out is a mistake.

Under Kutaragi, who is the power behind Sony's PlayStation videogame consoles, the company is launching another format war with its Blu-Ray high-definition videodisc, the successor to the venerable DVD. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 3, which was supposed to put Blu-Ray into millions of living rooms, is months late and hundreds of dollars more expensive than competing consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo - largely because it includes one-of-a-kind technologies like Blu-Ray. The delays and cost overruns are likely to make both the PS3 and Blu-Ray nonstarters.

While I do believe that the PS3 has plenty of issues that need to be handled before launch if the system is going to be successful, it's not right to say that he doesn't matter.  It's my opinion that while Nintendo makes better games, it's the Sony PlayStation line that has made gaming more and more mainstream.  Whether or not that is a good thing is up for debate, but even if we're coming to the end of Sony's gaming dominance, the company and Kutaragi still definitely matter in the industry.

(via MetaFilter)