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Something New For Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 The release of a newly rejiggered Street Fighter 2 for the Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade is coming up and Retrogaming has a bundle of information on the release.  200 Gamerpoints are up for grabs in this new edition/variation of the game, too.  From the look of things this game will be huge all over again.

"You're initially presented with the option of either viewing your stats, entering a ranked match, or jumping into a non-ranked player match. You can dive straight into a game, search for a custom game, or create your own match and wait for a challenger. Creating a custom match allows you to pre-set how many rounds you wish to play. If you've chosen a unranked game your stats won't be updated at the end of the match, you will have the option however to replay the match and discuss the fight in the lobby system. "

My childhood Street Fighter 2 time was spent on the original Super NES version of the game when I played against a friend who seemed to have been born with a fireball in his hand.  He knew all the special moves and could reach Vega with ease, whereas I was only skilled enough to rapidly fire off fierce punches randomly.  Surprisingly, our win/loss records were about the same.