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Rare Nintendo Prototypes Discovered

Earthbound for NES Congratulations to the lucky bastard out there who came across a whole cache of prototype, competition, and unreleased NES and Super NES games at a garage sale on sale for a mere $40.  This lucky person has put up the collection for sale on eBay a piece at a time, releasing new copies of the Star Fox Championship Weekend game pak into circulation as well as prototype versions of Tetris and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past plus the second known copy of the English version of Earthbound for the NES.

This kind of discovery is what all gamers hope to come across at some point in their lives.  Imagine finding not only the Holy Grail of video gaming, but a whole box of Holy Grails that can all be yours for mere pocket money.  I check out the local used game shops from time to time in hopes of discovering something like this, but of course I never do.  As I once said in an essay on acquiring used video games, it's always best to buy from people who don't know what treasures they have.