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Gaming Obstacles In The Real World

Rampage 911 The Photoshop mavens of Fark are at it again, this time with a look at video game obstacles in real-life situations.  There's the usual brand of hilarity to be found, such as Donkey Kong tossing barrels down a wheelchair ramp and this picture created by "Kitwilly" that offensively but effectively combines Rampage with the horrific events of September 11, 2001.  Relevant quotes from Fark members:

"Kitwilly is the winner.  I've never felt so guilty for laughing at something." - haleon

"I shouldn't have laughed at that, but I did. Thank you for having the guts to go where few dare to tread." - Tropical Itch

"It would be nice if 911 was caused by monsters that were easily identified." - Pro Zack

I know that they say that tragedy plus time equals comedy, but somehow I don't think this is quite what "they" had in mind.  I think the same joke could have worked just as well on a non-horrifying city skyline backdrop.

(Yes, I laughed.  I'll see you in Hell with everyone else.)