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DS Lite Walks Among Us

Nintendo DS LiteNintendo unleashed the DS Lite on the North American market earlier this week, bringing iPodish white joy to anyone willing to fork over $130.  You all probably know by now that I love Nintendo products, and while I am impressed with the DS Lite, I'm not planning on trading in my "classic" DS for this year's model. I'm very protective of my gaming hardware, so I've been careful to take good care of my DS. Aside from the usual wear and tear one acquires with a portable system, my DS is in excellent shape. It's not scratched or gashed or cracked or anything like that. It serves my needs, so until it no longer does so, I don't see myself upgrading. The time will surely come for that, but not today.

As for the DS Lite itself, I like the smaller size and brighter screens, of course. I'd have liked to have seen a firmware revision that replaces the useless PictoChat with that Opera DS web browser that's in the works. I believe that the browser should be built in to the unit, not confined to taking up space in my DS's game card slot while great games sit at home. Maybe when the DS is redesigned again it'll be possible to change the system settings without forcing a reboot, too. I'm hoping the redesign will spur some sales among my local social circle so I can actually play some of these multiplayer games with people outside of gathering at E3.

On a related topic, I hear that some people are skipping new DS games until they can play them on a Lite, as in "I'm not playing New Super Mario Bros. until I can play it on a DS Lite", but I have to say I don't understand that train of thought. Why deny yourself quality games just because the screen isn't as bright? Need I remind you that a mere six months ago the classic DS's brightness was enough for just about everybody?

So, in conclusion, while I like the DS Lite's new features, I can think of better uses for $130 right now.