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Satoru Iwata talks Wii at E3 Nintendo tauted their WiiConnect24 scheme back at E3 in which the Nintendo Wii is always connected to the Internet so that Nintendo can send players free gifts and goodies under cover of darkness.  Now it looks like there may be plans to send out free Nintendo DS demos that can be downloaded to the portable for on-the-go sampling.  Nintendo's Satoru Iwata explains.

Let's say your Wii is connected to the Internet in a mode that allows activation on a 24-hour basis. This would allow Nintendo to send monthly promotional demos for the DS, during the night, to the Wii consoles in each household. Users would wake up each morning, find the LED lamp on their Wii flashing, and know that Nintendo has sent them something. They would then be able to download the promotional demo from their Wii's to their Nintendo DS's.

This sounds like a winning idea to me especially since I've yet to find a demo download station in a retail store that actually functions.  They have all the signage that a demo transmitter exists in the store, but my DS never finds the signal.  Staff seem to be generally clueless about it, too.  Just send me the demos through the Wii and let me handle it all myself from my comfy chair, thanks.

(via 4 Color Rebellion)