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Bleemcast Blast From The Past

Bleem!Retrogaming has a taken a look at the oft-forgotten bleemcast! Sony PlayStation emulator for the Sega Dreamcast.  An ambitious project, bleemcast! (from the creators of the PS1 emulator for Windows, bleem!) allowed stock Dreamcast hardware to play such PS1 titles as Gran Turismo 2, Metal Gear Solid, and Tekken 3.  In fact, that's all that could be played.  Lawsuits with Sony drained the bleemcast! team's production capital, driving them out of business before any further updates or editions of the emulator could be released.  However, that hasn't stopped the emulation community from continuing the company's work.

Since the retail death of the Dreamcast, enthusiasts have obtained leaked betas of the Bleemcast emulator that runs a number of other games.  There have also been a number of Dreamcast scene releases that combined the Bleemcast emulator with the Playstation ISO built into one self-booting Dreamcast disc.

It's a shame that bleem! was run out of stores thanks to Sony's lawsuit.  I believe that the common mainstream market would embrace emulation of older games on modern platforms.  The Xbox Live Arcade and upcoming Nintendo Virtual Console are proof of that.  Imagine if every Joe Sixpack knew he could play the best gaming has to offer on his PC or just one console.  Console emulation is still largely confined to the Internet "underground", but someday soon it will become more mainstream (and that's when a fresh round of lawsuits begin, of course).