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Wii Price And Shipments Teasingly Announced

Nintendo logoNintendo has done it again.  They've put out a press release that somehow manages to confirm what we think we already knew, yet doesn't actually say anything revealing.  In this case it's a confirmation that the new Wii console will not sell for a price above $250 and will be released worldwide in the fourth quarter this year.  This all falls into line with what was being talked about in the backrooms at E3, but it's good to see it in official print.

With all the positive media buzz surrounding the Wii it certainly looks like Nintendo is set to make a killing in the gaming market very soon.  I don't know if they'll ever return to the glory days of 1987-1994, but they'll certainly enrapture a lot of new fans this time around.  Some people believe the Wii will make a great "second console" next to a Microsoft Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3, but I bet for most casual gamers the Wii will be more than enough to satisfy that craving for games for a while.  Then once the casual gamers become rabid gamers they can dive into the overpriced market.  See?  Everybody wins.