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Weekly Poll: Meet The Newcomers

Weekly Poll for 4-28-2006There's still some opposition to the name "Wii" out there, but I have to admit that while I'm still not thrilled with, it's starting to grow on me.  However, that didn't happen until I had the chance to play it at E3.  The whole Wii backstory strikes me as pretentious, but as long as the games end up being as much fun as the demos I think I can learn to live with it.  At least they're not trying to call it "StarCube" again.

Staying in the Wii family for this week, I'd like to ask something about the newly announced Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  We've been talking about which third party characters need to appear in the game, but what is your reaction to the new characters that have already been officially announced for inclusion?  Which character excites you the most?  In terms of gameplay, I mean.  If we were judging by physical appearance than I know Zero Suit Samus would win by a landslide.