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Weekly Poll: Flying Pigs

Weekly Poll for 05-16-2006The people have spoken and the people want Pit.  It's great to see him win the poll, as it shows a currently untapped wealth of popularity for the little angel that could.  Speculation is running wild that we'll finally get a sequel to Kid Icarus this coming generation.  Can you imagine a 3D third-person platformer featuring Pit, the Grim Reaper, and the Eggplant Wizard?  I gaze off into daydreams just thinking about the possibilities.

Moving on, I had no idea that my purchase of a Sony PlayStation 2 would stir up such a reaction.  I'm used to commenting on news, not being a news item myself.  Some people have interpreted my purchase as a sign I'm leaving Nintendo products and I'd like to state right now that is simply not true.  I'm prepared to take a loyalty oath to the Mushroom Kingdom if necessary.  Still, if last week's purchase was such a surprise, then what could possibly top it this week?  What unlikely gaming event is going to happen next?  Vote in this meaningless poll.  Next week we'll discuss something important.