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Ubisoft Hatches Lost Game

LostIf you're like me (and I know I am) then you set aside each Wednesday evening for the TV hit Lost.  I was sucked into the show way back at the premiere of the first episode and I've been caught in the show's mythos ever since.  Now Ubisoft has been given the go-ahead to create a video game based on Lost.  Check out the details of the deal before you groan.

Ubisoft execs already are talking to series creator J.J. Abrams and producers to develop a storyline. It will move to sign deals with actors after it determines which characters will be included in the game. "We'd like to fully integrate the series' creative team, from writers to composers to set designers and stylists, so that we create an extension of the television series that is organic and extremely compelling for the fans of 'Lost,' " said Bruce Gersh, ABC/Touchstone's senior VP, business development, who negotiated the deal for the studio.

As long as the show's creative staff has a hand in creating the game I think it could turn out well.  I'd like to see the game reveal a side story to the main Lost plot; something that if I didn't play the game I wouldn't miss anything crucial to the series, but if I did play I'd pick up a few minor answers to burning questions yet unseen on television.  Oh, and the level where I play as Locke had better be about more than just entering 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 into a computer console.