Ubisoft Hatches Lost Game
No Longer Sanitized For Your Protection

Beyond The End Of New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros.After two weeks of heavy play I believe I've finally seen all that New Super Mario Bros. has to show me.  I've defeated Bowser, been to every level, found every secret exit, collected all the star coins, spent all of the star coins, found the secret character surprise, and earned the coveted "triple star" ranking icon next to my save file.  All without turning to a guide book or FAQ, too.  Two years of anticipation all came to an end after two weeks of play.  Some will argue that two weeks is too short a playtime for a game such as this.  Maybe they're right.  If this game has a glaring fault it's that it ends.  However, those two weeks of running and jumping have been the best two weeks of gaming I've had in a long time.  If you're one of those people still on the fence about picking up this game, remember this: it's not about total playing time or number of levels or star coin collections.  It's about fantastic running and jumping.  What more do we really need in a video game?