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The Wizard You've probably heard by now that after years of begging and pleading with Universal Studios the company is finally ready to release the video game product placement masterpiece of a film, The Wizard, on DVD in North America.  You remember The Wizard, right?  It was the film that all eight-year-olds in 1989 demanded to see because of the masterful acting ability of TV's Fred Savage.  Or maybe it had something to do with the promised sneak preview unveiling of the then-upcoming Super Mario Bros. 3.  It's been so long that I really don't remember which reason is correct.

One aspect of the film that annoyed me royally in 1989 was the many gaming inaccuracies and discrepancies.  Why does Jimmy press buttons during Double Dragon's opening non-interactive cinema scene?  How can Jimmy clear three levels of Super Mario Bros. 3 in less than fifteen seconds of gameplay?  How do Corey and Haley know that there's a hidden warp whistle at the end of "World 3" (really World 1-3, but that's a mistake stacked on top of an inaccuracy)?  And how do they know that it goes to World 4?  These questions will most likely go unanswered on the new DVD and I can't say I'm eager to buy a copy, but if they include interviews in which the actors apologize for the gaffes I may be inclined to reconsider.  Maybe.