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New Super Mario Bros. Review At AMN

New Super Mario Bros. When the editor in charge of AMN's Nintendo DS division offered me the opportunity to step outside the GameCube/Wii umbrella to review the new Nintendo soon-to-be-smash-hit New Super Mario Bros., I leapt at the chance.  After all, who better to review Mario's glorious return to 2D platforming than someone who has been with our favorite plumber since the beginning?  I picked up the review copy of the game last Monday after arriving in Los Angeles for E3 and spent the better part of the week after the show floor closed each day playing multiplayer modes with AMN staff and trying to beat back the hordes of gamers eager to get their hands on the single player mode.  The game itself hits stores this week, so be sure not to miss it.  Eager for more details?  Be sure to read my review.