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EA Has Second Original Idea In Years

James BondCould the corporate policy deep within Electronic Arts be changing for the better?  First there was word of an actual new innovation in the increasingly stale Madden franchise and now the company has jettisoned the rights to crank out video games based on James Bond in favor of creating new original characters in-house.  Activision's picked up the Bond rights through 2014, but what really catches my attention here is EA.  Could there be sparks of creativity brewing at EA at long last?  Is this an end to EA's reliance on stale movie-based shovelware and repetitive sports games?  GameSpot brings the news.

According to EA, the end of the 007 deal is part of the publisher's larger strategy to refocus on all-new games. "While movie games will always be in our portfolio, EA is moving away from licensed properties and committing our resources to wholly-owned IP, created in our own studios," said the rep. "Wholly owned properties allow better financial margins and more creative control to develop the type of games that consumers want."

Well, that's full of marketing speak, but at least it's a start.  While this is probably a maneuver designed to give EA its own cast of licensable characters, it may lead to some good games as well.  After all, licensable characters aren't worth much if they come from crappy games that nobody buys.  Characters aren't just born into this world popular and fully profitable.  Just ask Plok and Bubsy and Aero and B.O.B. and...