Nintendo Won't Go Episodic
You May Not See The Twilight Realm

Who Wants E3 Junk?

E3 logoWith another E3 come and gone it must be time for those who went to the show to dump their collected freebies on eBay for some quick cash.  Take it from someone who went to E3 - most of the handouts aren't worth taking the time to pick up for free, let alone buy.  The swag this year was, in my experience, rather minimal and unimpressive.  It's as if companies realized that people come to their booths for the free goodies to sell on eBay a week later, so they backed off on the freebies this year.

Last year I brought home great things including a DS game card with the then-new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on it along with a remote control Mario Kart racer and Mario Kart stylus.  This year the best of the swag I collected is a silver Nintendo Wii pin and a Sonic the Hedgehog fifteenth anniversary t-shirt.  My advice to you all is to save your money if you're looking for E3 swag this year.  What are you going to do with a Sony PlayStation 3 lanyard or a deck of playing cards from some online poker game that'll be forgotten in six months?