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Castlevania To Remain Stagnant

Capcom Plans More Mega Man

Mega ManPeople like to rag on Mario for appearing in so many spin-off games, but the character who has led the way in new incarnations has to be Mega Man who, to date, has branched off into six (count 'em!) variations of himself.  The blue bomber's ongoing evolution isn't ending anytime soon though.  Fansite Planet Mega Man caught up with the character's creator, Keiji Inafune, to get some comments on the future of all things Mega Man.

Keiji Inafune: However, the Wii definitely has some potential, and it's maybe one where our target audience could embrace the Mega Man series. So while we haven't planned anything specific now at this time, I think probably that the potential is the highest on that piece of hardware.

I hope someone at Capcom is taking notes, because here comes my Mega Man for Wii wish list.  I want the freehand controller to function as Mega Man's arm cannon.  Make the gamer into Mega Man.  Do the whole thing in first person perspective if you must.  I just want the chance to get "under the helmet" after all these years, and the Wii's controller seems like the perfect vehicle with which to do it.  And no more funky Mega Man reinventions!  Battle Network this and ZX that, bah!  Bring on the original Mega Man character that we all grew up with and came to love.  He's long overdue for a glorious return.