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Be The Mario

The Nintendo Physically Augmented Reality Amusement ParkHow would you like to be Super Mario?  How would you like to be able to perform his grand leaps and power punches?  How would you like to wear a goofy costume and a bungee harness?  Then get yourself to New York quick before Nintendo hears about The Nintendo Physically Augmented Reality Amusement Park and fires off a copyright infringement notice.

Nintendo Amusement Park is a real life obstacle course which a player jumps through using a power assist harness. There is nothing digital. There is nothing projected. There is nothing virtual. Both the power harness and the moving parts of the obstacle course are entirely mechanical, to give a player the true feeling of being inside a video game.  Nintendo Amusement Park is actively seeking collaborators, sponsors, and investors for the next phases of the project.

Who wants to be the first to slap on a special bungee cord and go leaping through the fantastic Mushroom Kingdom (if the Mushroom Kingdom were made of tarps, balloons, boxes, and deflatable Goombas)?

We would like to build a version to be displayed at E3 2007 as part of game company's booth. We have chosen to borrow the Nintendo name, and video game aesthetic, as they are the largest inspiration for this project, but we are interested in working with anyone who shares our vision.  Our ideal partnership would be a collaboration with Nintendo and Disney to develop an entirely new experience.

Good luck with that, guys.  I'm not so sure the world is ready for a realistic do-it-yourself Super Mario ride.  I mean, we've all entertained the notion that, if required, we could leap over pits and rescue the princess from spiky turtles, but somehow I do not believe that the road to becoming a heroic plumber is lined with trampolines and cardboard clouds.

(via MetaFilter)