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Weekly Poll: Excitement Is Building

Weekly Poll for 4-2-2006The 16-bit generation seems to be the favorite around here based on last week's poll results, but my favorite generation has to be the era of the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The 16-bit games may have been sharper and more fun, but in the 8-bit world nearly everything was a surprise.  New games just seemingly appeared on store shelves because release dates weren't widely known.  Sequels just appeared from nowhere.  A single screenshot could fuel a thousand dreams.  Sometimes I miss the suspense and the mystery of it all.

Jumping ahead twenty years, there are still a few mysteries out there.  E3 is only a month away and at AMN we're busy making plans.  There's going to be a lot to see this year and excitement is certainly building.  What impending announcement are you anticipating the most?  Is it the long awaited Nintendo Revolution secrets?  The details behind the Sony PlayStation 3?  The rumored tease for Halo 3?  Make a choice and leave some comments.