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Warner Drops UMD Plans

UMDThe writing is certainly on the wall for Sony's UMD movie format.  Movie studios have been canceling their plans to release films on UMD for the Sony PlayStation Portable for a few weeks, and now it's time for Warner Bros. to join the Canceled Club.  The Digital Bits has a complete list of films (and TV) currently available on UMD as well as a complete list of the canceled Warner titles.  The studio has dropped its plans to release classic quality titles such as Scooby-Doo: The Movie, True Romance, and NBA Furious Finishes.  And they wonder why customers aren't interested in UMD films.

A few of the major studios are still in the UMD game for now.  Sony has a bunch of titles on the way (unsurprisingly), while 20th Century Fox has plans for releases of both X-Men movies and the first two Die Hard films.  Paramount has one title left in the pipeline: Volume 1 of South Park, and even its release date is TBA.  The studios have surely learned a lesson about releasing merely adequate films on an inferior format for comparatively steep prices.  This experience must have taught studios not to jump in with every new format that comes from Sony's development department.  Now then, on to Blu-ray!