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The Case Of The Testy PlayStation

TEST Sony PlayStation 2It's time to trot out more development hardware for a good gawking.  Over at question and answer site Ask Metafilter a fellow by the name of Jim Christian has come across an early model PS2 that features a big TEST logo on the side.  He wants to know if there's anything interesting he can do with the console.  The first answer comes from an Electronic Arts employee who explains a little about the unit.

I have one of these guys on my desk. I think in order to do debugging, you need one of the giant "tool" kits. From everything I understand, it's really hard to develop at all for the PS2.

The crew at Assembler Games has been discussing the world of TEST PS2s and documenting the many variations of the hardware.  If you know anything about the hardware, feel free to jump into the discussion.  It's interesting stuff, but it's nowhere as near as interesting as the Genesis SPROBE box or the Super NES FX development card.  Development hardware that looks like the finished product is downright boring.

Thanks to Jim for the photo.