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Stupid Annoyance #5371

Elec Man, Bomb Man, and Guts Man I don't watch the video game channel G4 often, but while channel surfing this afternoon I came across an episode of Cheat devoted to nothing but classic games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  I can't resist retro-themed TV, so I paused and watched a little.  Eventually the tips focused on the original Mega Man, and the host of the show managed to trigger one of my gaming pet peeves: she called main characters by the wrong names.

For some reason I'm very particular about referring to gaming characters by their proper names.  For instance, the host shared some tips on how to beat Bomberman.  The problem is that Bomberman isn't in Mega Man, but Bomb Man is.  Likewise, there is no Gut Man, but there is a Guts Man.  I've never heard of Electrical Man, but I've met Elec Man.  The host nailed the names of all kinds of minor The Legend of Zelda enemies, but she completely blew the names of the Robot Masters.  Someone at G4 should double check the script next time.  Gamers can be an obsessive bunch.