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Sony Drops PS2 Price To $129.99

Sony PlayStation 2 It was probably inevitable that Sony would drop the price of its PlayStation 2 game console, but was anyone really holding out on waiting for the PS2 to drop in price by only $20?  Seeing how Sony has sold over 101 million of these consoles, doesn't everyone who wants one have one by now?  Was that old $149.99 price really that prohibitive?  I'm not complaining about the price drop, but initially I am puzzled by it.  Why only $20 and why now?

It seems to me that if you're going to drop the price, drop it enough to make it count.  $20 is just a drop in the bucket.  Then again, the timing of this announcement allows Sony to go into E3 and say something about how their console is so great that they've dropped the price (and then follow that up with a quote about market share).  I think it's more about spin than it is actually trying to save anyone money.  But hey, that's business for you.