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Sega Is Not Back In The Console Business

Senator VreenakSee, now this is why I don't like April Fools Day on the Internet (also known as Internet Jackass Day).  A French gaming site posted a story a week or so ago proclaiming that Sega was getting back into the console business by developing a new portable gaming unit.  I'm not going to bother explaining the supposed details because the whole thing is fake.  Nobody noticed the original gag, so later when it was picked up by the English-speaking community it ran wild as supposed truth.

Lots of folks found the original report in French, but it seems few people found the follow-up story on the same website that announces it was all a prank.  I know we all want to believe in Sega's glorious return, but it's always important to check the validity of wild stories such as this one especially in the first few weeks of April.  Can't read French?  Here's the initial "announcement" and the admission of it being a prank translated into English via Google.