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Revolution's Other Big Secret

Nintendo Revolution controllerWe've been talking behind the scenes at AMN for the past few days about the Nintendo Revolution's supposed "other" big secret.  We've known about the remote controller's motion abilities for a while now, but word reached us that the secondary controller also had a special function.  After confirming the rumor with a trusted developer, the news is starting to break.

Last week, a rumor hit the net claiming that the Nintendo Revolution’s nunchaku controller features a built-in accelerometer allowing it to sense it being tilted left or right, or being moved up, down, left, right and in a number of other directions as well.  Today, AMN has confirmed through a developer incredibly close to Nintendo that this rumor is in fact true. The nunchaku peripheral does feature this secondary function.

Interesting stuff, although I was still holding out hope for a little slot on the console that dispenses tasty candy.  But kidding aside, this adds another dimension of control to the Revolution's capabilities.  Imagine using the main remote controller to attack and the secondary controller to move and look around at the same time.  No more "Z lock-on" or automatic aiming, it seems.  Wait, hold it - I'm a terrible shot without lock-on or auto aiming!  Looks like it's back to game training camp for me.