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"Return Of The Forgotten" At AMN

Ghostbusters Every now and then I get the chance to step outside the review/preview scope at AMN and do something really special.  A few months ago I was asked to write a "sequel" to my original "The Forgotten" article that was published in 2004.  The thing about "Forgotten" articles (and PTB entries, for that matter) is that often I find myself playing the games I mention all over again from start to near-finish.  What other job allows for playing video games and calling it "research"?

"Return of The Forgotten" takes a look at several classic games (ranging from the old Commodore 64 all the way up to the Nintendo 64) that deserve to be revived for the Nintendo Revolution by using the unique controller and Internet capabilities.  Special thanks go to PTB reader and frequent contributor BGNG for providing new F-Zero X information that he discovered buried deep in the original game's data files.  I won't spoil just what he found though.  You'll have to read the article to find out.