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Sony PlayStation 3I've joked in the past about how the Sony PlayStation line will become so awesome and cool that you won't ever be able to touch one, but it looks like Sony is taking my jests to a new level.  According to today's Internet scuttlebutt, the PS3 won't be around in great numbers at E3 next month as one would expect.  Instead the consoles will be behind closed doors that only open for those people whom are invited.  That really surprises me, mainly because after teasing everyone for so long with this new console it really is time to show some concrete details and let the E3ers get their hands on some game demos.  I really have no desire to line up to gawk at a PS3 kept under shatterproof glass for display purposes.  Even the developers are puzzled, as most have no idea if they'll be allowed to display PS3 demos running on actual PS3 hardware in their own booths away from the Sony pavilion.

Over the last few weeks, SPOnG has heard from numerous sources within third-party publishers and at various developers, all of whom outlined that their product being readied for E3 would not be shown on Sony's stand. Furthermore, the availability of demo units to third-parties for inclusion in their own booths has not been outlined, leaving publishers and developers unsure as to what they will be able to show, even at this late stage.

If Sony really wants to launch the PS3 this year then we need to see and touch something beyond a conceptual render or a prototype case.  No more rendered concept gameplay videos.  No more "uh, that's not the final design" stammers from Sony's staff.  I want to see a PS3 powered up and running a game demo.  I want to pick up the new controller (boomerang-shaped or not) and press the buttons and make things happen.  Sony got away with wowing everyone with shiny videos last year, but the time for that is behind us.  It's time to play some games.  The alternative thought that Sony is far behind on making this whole PS3 thing work and therefore has nothing playable to present yet is too gasp-inducing to even consider... right?