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More Fun With A Coworker

Mega Man 2Sometimes during those long work days at the office I just have to have some fun.  Take this morning, for instance.  While a co-worker was away from his desk I installed this little program that causes the level selection introduction from Mega Man 2 to appear on his desktop every time he launches a program.  Of course, when the co-worker returned he went back to work without launching a new program.  It wasn't until about two hours later that he finally triggered it, causing a boisterous intro for RealPlayer.  He's a gamer so he recognized the reference immediately, but at first he blamed the effect on RealPlayer.  Then he found out it happened for every program and he eventually put it all together, asking "How'd you do that?"  Here's hoping the Mega Man program lightens up your day as it has mine.  As for the co-worker, he's going to try the program on his wife.