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Kiddie Cell Phone Includes Strip Poker Game

Kyocera Switch_Back Kids grow up so fast these days.  CNET has word that Kyocera has come up with a new model of cell phone to market to kids and teens called the Switch_Back for use on the Virgin Mobile service.  The unusual thing is that the kiddie phone comes preloaded with a strip poker game.  Cue the outraged parents in 5... 4... 3...

The most noteworthy feature about the phone is not its technical specs, but the fact that a phone being marketed to teens comes preloaded with a strip-poker game called "Sexy Poker." Titillating games are fine, but Virgin Mobile and Kyocera Wireless might want to question the wisdom of preloading a strip-poker game in a phone being marketed to kids.

I'm thinking that the game is included in order to spread word of mouth about the phone.  Any publicity is good publicity, right?  Would I be talking about this particular phone if it didn't have a strip poker game on it?  Most likely not.  The poker game gets the word out about this phone via that viral marketing everyone's so crazy about these days, and now teens and kids have an extra reason to ask parents to buy it: preloaded pixelated porn poker.  If you consider pixelated digital boobies to be pornography, of course.  Once again let's just be glad that kids can't get to the real porn from the comfort of their own computer chairs.  That would be a disaster!