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I'll Take "Famous Plumbers" For $200

Question BlockDo you think you know your video game trivia?  Then hop on over to this discussion at Ask Metafilter that challenges people to come up with the best video game trivia questions (and answers).  Highlight the brackets for the answers below.  Test your might!

What special processing power did Sega claim its Genesis console had? [Blast Processing]
In what title did Mario wield a firearm? [Yoshi's Safari]
Which character from another video game made a cameo in
Clay Fighter 63 1/3? [Earthworm Jim]
What was the code to activate blood in the Genesis version of
Mortal Kombat? [ABACABB]

The answers to those questions and plenty more are yours for the taking.  I love a good round of trivia like this.  It makes all those formative years spent reading Nintendo Power, GamePro, and Electronic Gaming Monthly finally pay off!