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"Hello! Baby!" It's The Bosses Of Monster Party!

Monster Party There were plenty of bizarre video games released during the Nintendo Entertainment System era, but one of the most unusual, most warped, most un-Nintendo game released during this period has to be Bandai's Monster PartyMonster Party casts players as Mark, an ordinary kid who swings a mean baseball bat.  One evening Mark meets up with a space alien by the name of Bert who takes him to Dark World where they team up to battle evil.  For an NES game Monster Party features more blood and disturbing gore than Nintendo's strict content guidelines of the time seemed to allow.

Of course, this is 8-bit pixelated gore we're talking about here, so as such it's not all that terrifying.  While Monster Party's initial hook may have been the blood, the game's legacy has got to be its quirky bosses.  That's right; this is the game with the infamous killer fried shrimp that introduces itself by saying "Look out baby.  Here I come." and the charging punk rocker who demands that Mark "Face the music!"  SydLexia has cut away the drab gameplay of Monster Party and chronicles what really matters - the bosses!  All your favorite strange bosses are on display: the dead spider, the dancing zombies, the persistent bloodsucker, and even Royce the giant caterpillar.  It's a shame Monster Party 2 never left the planning stages.  The fried shrimp would have been a great character for a saucy spin-off adventure.