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Duck HuntAs gaming's detractors in both politics and private law practice speak out against our favorite game franchises, a common talking point is that parents need to take a more active role in raising their children.  The argument is that parents need to be aware of what games their children are playing and should step in if excessive gaming becomes a problem.  Sometimes people take this advice to the wrong extreme.  People like this guy, for instance.

A Dunedin[, FL] dad probably made his point about his son spending too much time on the computer. Pinellas Sheriff's deputies say he shot at the monitor as his son sat near-by. Forty-four-year-old Joseph Langenderfer was arrested Monday afternoon at his home on Frances Street.

One caveat to this story, however: the son who was nearly shot is actually twenty-two years old.  At that age he's an adult who can make his own gaming decisions.  At least he can once he replaces his monitor.  I hear that the new bulletproof plasma screens don't come cheap.

(via Fark)