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First Look At Family Guy Game

Family Guy Hey look, that Family Guy game is still in development for the Sony PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and the Microsoft Xbox. has some new details about the gameplay and character cameos.  This calls for a sexy party!

In the game, you take control of Peter, Stewie, and Brian, each with unique objectives. As Stewie, you match wits against your equally diabolical brother Bertram as you vie to take over the world. Peter's quest is to stop Mr. Belvedere (ha!) from also trying to take over the world. And as Brian, you're tasked with escaping a prison, so you too can (what else?) take over the world. As the game progresses and stories overlap, you switch from character to character.

I want this game to work, but I've been burned by licensed games enough over the years to be wary.  Remember Bart vs. the Space Mutants?  Or Home Alone?  Or nearly any game based on a movie or TV show?  Series creator Seth MacFarlane is involved with the development, but I've never had much luck with games developed by High Voltage Software.  Here's hoping this is their breakout hit.  Otherwise, well... I guess it'll look nice on the shelf next to Simpsons Wrestling.