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Farewell To Xbox Classic

Microsoft Xbox It is with regrets and a heavy heart that Microsoft seems to have taken the original Xbox console off of life support, allowing it to die quietly while its big brother Xbox 360 attempts to become the darling of gamers everywhere.  Circle of life, I suppose.  GamePro has word that finding a new sealed straight-from-the-factory Xbox console is becoming a near-impossible task.  Stores apparently don't have any in stock and aren't planning to get any.  While we were all watching the Xbox 360 take a bow, the original Xbox was shuffled out into the alley and shot.  Or taken off of life support.  You can choose your favorite mixed metaphor there.

While I was never a major fan of the original Xbox, it's always sad to see a console close up shop.  Yes, classic Xbox games will be around for a while longer and chances are you'll always be able to snag a console on the used gaming market, but I'd thought the Xbox would have stuck around in the gaming mainstream for a while longer.  Sony had great success with keeping the original PlayStation console alive after the PlayStation 2 walked among us, and we all remember Sega's attempt to keep the Genesis alive with upgrade after upgrade.  Even Nintendo has clung to the original Game Boy technology over the years.  To see Microsoft dump the Xbox this quickly makes me wonder how history will remember the console: as a good console in its own right or just a stepping stone and learning experience on the way to the Xbox's successor.

(via Retrogaming)