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Bothersome Hunnybunz!

Boppin'Back in the early 1990s when most folks still believed that the Internet was another name for the lining inside swim trunks, the rest of us were downloading neat little shareware DOS games from local BBSs with the ZModem protocol.  One such game was developed by Accursed Toys and published by Apogee: Boppin'.  In this charming side-scrolling puzzle game twin heroes Yeet and Boik go on a quest to rescue video gaming's villains from imprisonment by the Hunnybunz clan.  Seemingly combining elements of Dr. Mario with more conventional platformer adventures, our heroes accomplish this task by picking up special blocks and bopping them around the room so that they connect with identical blocks located in each level.

Unlike many classic DOS games, Boppin' lives on.  While the game was originally released as a shareware demo with additional levels available at retail, now the game has been ported to Windows XP by its creators and released online for free along with a handy guide that explains just how to play the game.  The entire Boppin' adventure of 160 levels (plus a custom level editor) is a fun yet challenging way to spend the upcoming weekend.  Be sure to take note of the game's varying art styles as Yeet and Boik are sent from one bizarre set of surroundings to another including levels that are drawn in the style of a pencil sketch and in a blueprint schematic fashion.