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American Dad/Family Guy Game Tweaks Kombat, Others

American DadThe first season of TV's American Dad hits stores on Tuesday on DVD which must mean it's time for some of that viral marketing we hear so much about.  This time the marketing is actually kind of fun.  American Dad Versus Family Guy is a Flash game that challenges players to pick a character from either show and then proceed through a fighting game reminiscent of Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat, complete with unique special moves for each character and even Fatalities ("Finish This!"), such as Peter Griffin's use of Ipecac to vomit on his opponents and Stan Smith impaling his foe with an American flag.  The animation is well done, there's plenty of references to both TV shows, and if you play all the way to the end you'll face off against a familiar special guest boss in, of all places, Thailand.  For an advertisement it's pretty good and makes me wonder how a real console fighter in the same spirit would perform.  Yes, the odds are that it'd be a complete disappointment, but there's always hope.