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Xbox 360 Camera Gets You In The Game

Stay Tuned Rumors come to factual life with the unveiling of the upcoming camera accessory for the Microsoft Xbox 360.  The Xbox Live Camera offers video chat capability and face-mapping abilities, allowing players to put their own faces (and eventually, erm, inevitable "other" body parts) into the video games themselves.  Yeah, that will end well.

"Things like wearing a baseball cap, having a pony tail, long hair, basic shape features, etc.. Once you have a rough shape of your face the 360 spends a couple minutes processing it all and voila, instant in-game character of your own likeness.  The whole process takes less than 5 minutes with very good results. You cannot see it animate in the photos but you can open and close the mouth, wiggle the ears, and move the rest of the face around in realtime."

Like so many other things there are plenty of valid uses for this new gadget.  On the other hand I can already hear the outraged screams of parents and legislators when they discover that Little Billy has been playing on "that toy" with Captain Penisface where he learned how to murder his classmates training on "the murder simulator".  Like I said earlier, that'll end well.