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UMDIt looks like the UMD death rattle heard last month is in its last stages.  Next Generation has word that Hollywood movie studios are abandoning the Sony PlayStation Portable movie format because - surprise, surprise - nobody is buying movies on UMDs.  Universal Studios is already out of the UMD business, while Paramount may be next.

One unnamed president of a major studio is quoted as saying, "No one's watching movies on PSP. It's a game player, period."  Universal Studios Home Entertainment has ceased UMD production. One exec told Reuters, "Sales are near zilch. It's another Sony bomb."

Wait, the PSP is a game player?  Huh, I learn something new everyday.  All this time I thought it was Sony's poor attempt to kill both the Nintendo Game Boy and the Apple iPod.  Has Sony told anyone that the little device plays games?  It seems like they'd want to advertise that fact and then support it with plenty of great games.  But then again, what do I know?