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KwirkOpening the mailbox each day invariably fills my life with bills, junk mail, and the occasional magazine.  However, some days there's a package pleasantly buried in with the drab papers.  Imagine my surprise last week when I found something from an old friend in the mail.  Opening the padded envelope revealed a paper, folded and stapled to form a sealed pouch.  I carefully opened the paper, causing something that was secured inside to fall to the floor.  Before checking to see what had landed on the carpet, I read the note written on the inside of the paper:

"Happy Birthday!  Will you actually play this one?"

At my feet lay another Kwirk game pak for the Game Boy, this one already opened and ready for play.  And to answer her question, yes, I will play this one.  Like the sealed copy, it serves as a reminder of childhood games and childhood friends (plus it's really fun to play).