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Sony Has Fancy Plans, Pants To Match

Sony PlayStation 3You've probably read the recaps from yesterday's Game Developers Conference keynote address from the folks at Sony by now.  Slashdot has a good blow-by-blow summary if you missed it and AMN put in some hands-on time with some of the various technical demos on display.  It always amazes me how Sony's top brass can hold a press conference or give a speech in which they say nothing at all, but yet reveal so much. 

As far as my opinion on the Sony PlayStation 3's future, I think they'll do quite well.  They seem to be taking their time and getting their ducks in a row, so to speak.  Microsoft rushed to get the Xbox 360 out first, and while that has certainly worked for them to a point, there's something to be learned from taking the extra time to get everything right.  If Sony follows through then I believe they'll turn a lot of heads come November.  Now then, let's see some actual playable games at E3!