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Someone Get That Villain A Sandwich, Stat!

Amanda EvertLadies and gentlemen, say hello to Lara Croft's new arch-rival, Amanda Evert.  I think Joystiq says it best: "We have seen the enemy in [Eidos Interactive's] Tomb Raider: Legend, and she is... anorexic!"  I don't generally harp on virtual aesthetics, but look at this woman.  She's thin enough to snap like a twig the first time she vaults off a cliff or does some other extreme tomb raidin' thing.  I can see her virtual ribs for cryin' out loud.  Please, Eidos, listen to me when I say that you have to feed your actors.  I don't fault Amanda for being an evil and greedy character.  I'd be evil and greedy too if I'd hadn't eaten for several months!

It's good to see that Eidos is starting to learn the lesson that big breasted women do not a good game make.  Now it's time to start hammering the second lesson: wafer-thin women do not a good game make either.  Don't get me wrong, the gameplay may be great, but I feel for Amanda.  I'd rather see her end the game with a good meal than some powerful ancient artifact.