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Mega Obsessive

Cut Man, Fire Man, and Elec ManI've been known to criticize game developers for taking beloved characters into places where I personally feel they don't belong.  Play a favorite game series for long enough and, like me, you'll probably develop a sense of continuity between the various games.  There are some facts and details that we just "know" about Mario or Link or Samus Aran, so when developers start tinkering with backstories and abilities for seemingly no good reason, it's understandable that die-hard fans become upset about the changes.

Miranda Paugh of The Mega Man Homepage is feeling a little tweaked these days because of what Capcom did to Mega Man's backstory in the new Sony PlayStation Portable title Mega Man: Powered UpShe's outlined a few things that concern her about this remake of the original Mega Man, some of which are good points and others that are just picking nits for the sake of complaining.

[W]hen you fight [Mega Man as a Robot Master], he not only has his slide from Mega Man 3, but he also has his Mega Buster from Mega Man 4. Uh. Did I just jump forward in time, or what? Speaking of which, Mega Man’s arm cannon is called the “Mega Buster” throughout this game even though it was never technically given that name until Mega Man 4. Also, Mega Man has the Energy Balancer in this game, which he doesn’t obtain until Mega Man 6. (And, if I want to get really picky, the Exit unit which he doesn’t get until Mega Man 7, but now I’m splitting hairs.)

So what if these additions to the game change the original Mega Man?  That's what Powered Up is all about in the first place.  It's a fun look back at a classic character and a classic game that builds on the original source material and adds in some of the good ideas developed later in the series.  Continuity is great, but becoming too obsessed with minutiae will suck the fun out of any game.