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Link's Ultimate Foe: Bad Animation

Badly Drawn Link Lots of folks seem familiar with the fact that due to the near-deal to create a CD-ROM add-on for the Super NES back in the mid-1990s, hardware developer Philips gained the right to create several original titles for their CD-I system based on Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.  Nintendo's creative teams had nothing to do with these games, a fact that I cannot stress enough.  For you see, these games had very poor production values and are probably the worst games one could come up with based on the popular characters.  Consider the various Zelda games and their horridly animated story clips, for instance.  Kotaku has clips from the beginning and end of two of the games, Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon.  Go watch them and then come back here.  I'll wait.  Keep in mind that these animations set up the storyline to come or tie up the plot into a neat little package.

Oh, you're back.  So, what do you think?  Are those the worst clips of Nintendo characters you've ever seen?  Don't forget to consider all of those crappy fan-created Flash animations when you come up with an answer.  Why didn't Philips realize that these games (animation and all) were nowhere near the Nintendo standard one expects from Link and Zelda?  Few people owned a CD-I, so these games were off of most people's gaming radars at the time, but it's just painfully obvious that Philips produced these games on the cheap and hoped to rely on the name recognition of The Legend of Zelda to sell these Octoroks to an unsuspecting fan base.  For shame, Philips.  For shame.