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Desert Bus Way back when developers were excited about the Sega CD there was a little title in the works called Smoke and Mirrors featuring Penn & Teller, the magic/comedy duo.  The game was quite bizarre, as in addition to a somewhat post-modern standard platformer adventure the game also included mini-games with odd twists, such as a diversion called "Desert Bus" in which players must drive a lone bus from Arizona to Nevada.  During the bus ride nothing happens.  There's no other traffic on the desert road, no passengers on the bus, no turns to navigate... it's just eight hours of unfolding pavement.  Would it surprise you if I said the game was never actually released?

Long story short, the game has finally surfaced after all these years. is offering it up for download, and since the developer/publisher, Absolute Software, has been out of business for a decade now it's widely assumed the game is basically abandonware.  Just as a point of interest, the other game in development at Absolute at the time was the Super NES adaptation of television's Home Improvement.  Gee, I wonder why Absolute went under?