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Attack Of The Marketing Department!

Tomb Raider The world of marketing and public relations is a strange place, a place where conventional wisdom and logic don't always apply.  It's a place where conventional vocabulary skills don't always apply.  Consider marketing chief Bob Lindsey's comments to Next Generation regarding the next Tomb Raider game that include gems like this:

"The game is strong so we will get a long run, it will extend to other platforms and then go platinum. It will be evergreen so we are comfortable with the decision."

Speak English, man!  Don't spend so much time maximizing your vectors to core enable the game space's longevity habits.  What is there to gain by giving these kind of empty statements?  And why do marketers such as Lindsey speak in such an over-jargoned manner?  The buzzwords just don't make sense packed together in bulk.  There's nothing of value to be gained by reading the actual interview, so instead check out Curmudgeon Gamer's lambasting of the marketspeak instead.  Synergy!