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Weekly Poll: Movie Sign

Weekly Poll for 2-14-2006 So Link and Princess Zelda make the ideal gaming couple, eh?  Despite the fact that they hardly spend any time together during the various The Legend of Zelda games?  Aside from quick meetings in A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, the most time they spend together is during The Wind Waker, particularly near the end of the game.  Perhaps one day they'll get together for good, but in the meantime they go on being star-crossed would-be lovers.

Moving on, I love a good movie just as much as a good game.  Unfortunately, some of the greatest movies of all time were in the limelight long before video game technology could accurately capture the essence of those films.  Today studios license this week's flash in the pan film to Electronic Arts and end up with... well, we all know the stigma of being a movie-based game by now.  I'd like to see a developer acquire the rights to a beloved film classic and make a stellar game.  I want to drive the DeLorean time machine through Hill Valley, I want to bust ghosts with a proton pack, I want to outsmart the mogwai, and I want to outrun the iconic boulder before it squashes Indiana Jones.  How about you?  Any older films you'd like to see reborn as good games?