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Web Browsing Comes To DS

Opera for Nintendo DSNow this is a nice surprise.  Opera (you know, the web browser folks) have announced a version of the Opera web browser for the Nintendo DS.  It will ship as a DS game card, meaning you'll have to buy the "game" and put it into your DS every time you want web access.  I'm starting to think the DS needs more game card and pak slots.  The catch?  For now the browser will only be available in Japan.  Hopefully it'll expand to other places before too long.

This is wonderful news for DS owners.  I've thought since Day One that the DS had to have web access, as it seems like every other handheld gadget these days can check e-mail and provide news clippings and such.  The dual screens and touch screen make the DS and much more natural fit for a web browser than systems and units with only a single small screen or one that is reliant on arrow keys to do the browsing.  Kudos to Opera and Nintendo for making this happen at last.  Now get to work on a worldwide release.  Oh, and no bugs or security holes, please.